Tiberio Caetano


Chief Scientist at Ambiata

Tiberio is the Chief Scientist at Ambiata. He is still trying to figure out what exactly that means, but it’s got to do with voicing his strong opinions in favour of philosophical, scientific and mathematical purism, and hoping that Ambiata and its products and services end up infected accordingly. He comes from an academic machine learning research background and has adjunct professorial appointments at the ANU and UNSW.

YOW! Data 2016 Sydney

The Best Data Isn’t Data: Why Experiments Are The Future of Data Science


Data is technically the plural of datum, which in Latin is the neuter past participle of dare, which means “to give”. Thus data means “givens”. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of data being analysed out there is given, i.e., the analyst can’t change it. It’s “just there” for you to analyse. You can slice and dice it, model it, act based on it, but you very likely didn’t control even partially the process that gave rise to it. In this talk I’ll try to convince you that, although this given, passive data is important, the real game changer for the future of data science is to combine it with the best possible data, which is not given at all: active data that arises as the outcome of carefully designed experiments. Just as experiments have propelled science to realms unattainable had it focused exclusively on passive observations, I expect the same to happen with data science. I’ll illustrate my arguments with real-world case studies from Ambiata’s experience in serving our clients.