Philip Haynes


Software Architect at ThreatMetrix

Philip Haynes is a Software Architect with ThreatMetrix. A leading expert in high availability transactional and cyber security architectures, Philip’s systems process hundreds of millions of events daily with sub-­millisecond response times across global jurisdictions and data centres. Philip’s key projects include an international scale cyber security fraud detection system, a financial caching engine for a $4B infrastructure provider, and overseeing as project lead, a $10M, 50 person SMSF development that now administers over 95,000 funds.

YOW! Data 2016 Sydney

Keeping RAFT afloat – Cloud Scale Distributed Consensus


Strong consistency for cloud scale systems is typically viewed as too hard and too expensive. This talk provides an overview of how the implementing of the new distributed consensus algorithm, RAFT, using high performance methods and the Aeron network library, enables the low cost processing of over 100M transactions per day.