Max Ott


Senior Principal Engineer at Data61

Max has been around for quite a while and has spent most of his career nurturing initially crazy ideas into products and supporting business models. He founded Semandex and Incoming Media, two companies focused on large-scale information distribution. He is now back at Data61 and working on the next big thing – confidential computing.

YOW! Data 2016 Sydney

Data Analytics Without Seeing the Data


Today, we first need to collect data before we can analyse them. This not only creates privacy concerns but also security risks for the collector. For many use cases we really only want the analysis and data collection becomes the necessary evil.

In this talk we describe some of the fundamental techniques which allow us to calculate with encrypted data, as well as protocols for distributed analysis and associated security models. We will use some of the standard algorithms, such as logistic regression, to highlight the differences to conventional big-data analytics frameworks.

Finally, we will discuss the architecture and some interesting implementation details of our N1 Analytics Platform which is one of the few emerging industry strength implementations in this space. We will present some performance and scalability measures we collected from initial customer trials.