Hilary Cinis


Principal User Experience Designer and User Experience Team Lead at Data61

Hilary is a digital industry veteran with over 20 years experience and have worked in commercial and government, across media, marketing and software development, and more recently in the emerging technology sector.

She joined NICTA (now Data61) in 2011 to assist academic researchers, business teams and software engineers in the transition of blue-sky research to industry. In that time the UX team has grown to 8 in response to increased demand for project strategy and development assistance.

Data61 UX & Design Team specialise in folding user understanding and creating future state proposals in complex data projects, including big data and analytics.Our projects and products span multiple knowledge domains – machine learning, optimisation, geospatial and cyber security – as well as across multiple industry sectors including top levels of the Australian Government.

YOW! Data 2016 Sydney

The Why and How of Why in a World of What


All data exists in context, and understanding that context is key to unlocking its potential. In this talk you will learn how we consciously and unconsciously influence the context of data, and how qualitative and quantitative methods can be combined to better interpret and extract insights from data.

The presentation will cover:

  • What data in context means
  • How bias and interpretation affect data collection, data analysis, and the design of data-driven applications
  • The importance of combining quantitative data with qualitative insights; data tells you “what”, whereas qualitative insights tell you “why”
  • Lessons learned from five years and over 15 data-driven projects
  • A framework for connecting the “why” to the “what”