Elena Akhmatova


NLP & Big Data Scientist

Elena works in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and BigData. She graduated with PhD in Language Technology from Macquarie University in Sydney. Now she applies theoretical concepts developed in the field of Natural Language Processing to solve business problems of different big and small enterprises.

As an early adopter of BigData tools and concepts she finds existing BigData frameworks to be attractive means of working with data. She started using such tools and advising other people to adopt BigData concepts way before Hadoop, Spark and other related technologies became “must to know” tools for many IT professionals.

Besides working on NLP problems, Elena runs introductory courses about BigData, such as a course in Sydney Community College. Elena believes that sharing knowledge enriches her as much as other people.

YOW! Data 2016 Sydney

Text Classification: Defining Targeted in Targeted Digital Advertising


The talk describes the ideas and conclusions that were obtained after 5 years of applying Text Classification for the Domain of Digital (aka Programmatic, RTB) Advertising for the purpose of building targeted audiences to advertise to. I will talk about the importance of Text Classification for targeting. Both academic and technical aspects of Text Classification in application for advertisement will be described. At the end of the talk a summary of what Text Classification can achieve will be presented. The talk may be useful for developers and for business people who run RTB advertisement companies. Developers may gain some technical knowledge. Those who are more interested in making their own companies more competitive will learn whether building audience for targeting in-house is a way to go.